Books on the following subjects can be found in this Section ; Science, Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Human Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology; Technology, Engineering, Chemical Technology, Photography, Manufactures, Handicrafts, Home Economics, Agriculture, Plant Culture, Forestry, Animal Culture, Aquaculture, Fisheries and Veterinary Medicine.

Books on the following subjects can be found in this Section. Philosophy,  Psychology,  Religion,  History,  Social Sciences,  Economics,  Statistics,  Commerce,  Finance,  Sociology,  Political Science,  Law,  Education,  Music,  Fine Arts ,  Language. Fiction and Literature

Reference Section. The reference materials that can be found in this section are Dictionaries, Bibliographies, Almanacs, Atlases, Maps, Globes, Encyclopedias, Abstracts, Handbooks, Manuals, Yearbooks and directories.

All library materials found here are books on or about the Philippines, published in the Philippines and books written by Filipinos on different subjects.  Theses are composed of Undergraduate, Masters, and Dissertations

Collection consist of Periodicals in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Science and Technology, Magazines, Clippings and Newspapers.


It has computers which can be used for internet surfing and encoding. On-line database such as e-books and e-journals can also be accessed here.