• Technical Services

the following activities are carried out : Selection and acquisition, cataloguing, indexing, abstracting of library materials, compilation of bibliographies and current awareness.

Physical preparation of library materials includes collating, accessioning, stamping of ownership, descriptive and subject cataloguing, classifying, labeling, pasting book pockets, date due slips and covering of books with plastic. Bar-coding, and encoding to the system are also undertaken.

The technical services also handles the repairs of damaged books, reinforced paperback books and bound loose journals, magazines and others.

  • Readers Services. Handles the operation of all services and facilities that concern the information needs of CLSU faculty and students and other patrons. There are different sections­ under the Readers Services namely: 1. General Circulation, 2. Reference, 3. Filipiniana & Theses  Collection,  Serials, and 5. Multi Media. It consists of activities such as circulation and loan, reference & information, referrals and orientation.




Reference Services. It is a reference work relates to activities requiring specific information or answer to fact and research questions as well as rendering guidance and assistance to readers in locating information and in using the resources of the library.

Library Orientation. This is the program intended for the Common First Year students (CFY) and students with English 100. The objective of the program is to welcome and to introduce to them the available information sources, facilities and services that the CLSU Library can offer.

Referral letter. This is given to student who wants to do research in other libraries and avail library materials which are not available at the CLSU Library. The request letter is addressed to the Head Librarian of the institution where the student wishes to visit.

Bulletin Board Display wherein Current events, lists of newly acquired books and information regarding library activities for information updates of the library clientele is posted on the bulletin.

Library Newsletter. It serves as the official newsletter of the library. It contains library activities, new acquisitions, news items on the library and other materials of interest to the University community. It is published twice yearly in both print and electronic format

Photocopying machine . located at the Reference Section. It is available from 8:00 a.m. – 5:45 p.m. It helps students save time in copying information from library materials and at the same time safeguarding the collection from possible tearing of pages.

*Students who need ordinary photo copies are allowed to photocopy library materials outside the Library for 30:00 minutes, except for some restricted material/s that are for room use only.  After 30:00 minutes a fine of Php10.00 per hour will be charged. 

*Outsiders can only photocopy library materials within the Library.

Printer/scanner .Students can print/scan their downloaded files and research documents. There are Available at Multimedia Section.

Security gate.

Air-conditioning unit.